Becoming a Yorkshire Beardsmen

Joining The Yorkshire Beardsmen

Becoming a Yorkshire Beardsmen could not be simpler!

1st sign up for membership of The British Beard Club, Next live in Yorkshire (or attend our meets) . Yes its that simple, no silly initiation practice, no bribery of officials and no silly handshake. Once you have signed up message us and we will welcome you the the thatch with open arms.

In return you get the joy of joining us at the bar, fighting over not paying for a drink (like true Yorkshiremen).

Yorkshire Beardsmen Supporters

Should you wish to purely support our epic beardsmen then please feel free to check out our members gallery and show them some love.


Yorkshire Beardsmen is an official thatch for The British Beard Club, set up to allow our members to meet in person and share our passion for facial hair (and beer). Yorkshire Beardsmen are spread far and wide across the great county of Yorkshire, with this in mind we will be arranging meets all over Yorkshire on a regular basis.



“The quintessential and exemplary Member Thatch of The British Beard Club.”
GarethDavid Dade - TBBClub President